Custom Promotional Products

Product Design

We are enthusiastic about working with companies who strive for the impeccable and noteworthy. This commitment to creativity and quality is paramount in our product design. We provide all of the elements required to create products including: concept, design, engineered drawings, animated renderings and 3D modeling.


As a result of our longstanding alliances with socially accountable domestic and overseas manufacturers, Distinctive Promotions is able to achieve an optimal purchasing model, ensure product quality, offer streamlined production schedules /design, creative fulfillment and packaging offerings.

Product Testing

At Distinctive Promotions, we take product testing very seriously and strive to not only meet the expectations of our customer, but exceed them. We utilize third party, certified testing labs to fully analyze the components, inks and dyes we use in our products for quality assurance, toxicity and age grading.


We have detailed internal reporting for both pre-production sample runs and production runs to ensure consistency throughout the job. All production is overseen in the field by our team of QC inspectors to ensure that goods are made to exceed the specifications provided.


We provide complete warehousing and distribution services, domestically and in many locations around the world. Most of these facilities are automated and offer the latest in cutting edge technology. With our position in many Free Trade Zones, we can warehouse any exporter’s products. Merchandise can be shipped to our facility and consolidated. Items would be picked, packed and drop shipped directly from the manufacturing country.


We’ll work very closely with your contracted freight forwarder, shipping company etc. to minimize costs, increase speed of delivery and make the entire transit process seamless.